Our origin story

Amidst swirling conversations about our childhood, family, career, and dating, a group of friends were inspired to surface the real, amazing, and untold stories of Asian Americans. Slant'd encourages self-discovery through creative storytelling as told by a diverse generation just trying to answer the question, "Who am I?" By flipping a stereotype on its head, Slant'd aims to redefine what it means to be Asian American.

Our mission

Slant’d aims to cultivates cultural empathy among people of different races, perspectives, and experiences. Together, we can celebrate the diversity that makes us all beautifully—and unequivocally—human.

Who we are

Slant’d is an independent media company that celebrates Asian American identity through personal storytelling. By empowering real people to share real stories, Slant’d provides a refreshing take on the Asian American narrative and sparks an intersectional dialogue that breaks boundaries between assumption and reality.