Celebrating Asian American identity, one story at a time.

Slant’d is an independent media company that celebrates Asian American identity through personal storytelling.

Founded in 2017, Slant’d started as a way to creatively untangle the complexity of being Asian American. By empowering real people to share real stories, Slant’d provides a refreshing take on the Asian American narrative and sparks an intersectional dialogue that breaks boundaries between assumption and reality.

Slant’d is a creative platform built from the ground up by Asian Americans, for Asian Americans.


What makes us different:

  • We’re here to democratize media. We’re committed to elevating the stories of emerging artists, authors, and creators over highly-acclaimed authors and celebrities.

  • We live for personal stories, which means that while we’re aware of trends, we care more about the people starting the trends. News is important, but so are the people in the news.

  • We’re independent and beholden to no one. That means fearlessly bringing the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful front and center to change minds and hearts (even if that means getting a little weird and uncomfortable at times).

  • We see diversity as much more than race. Our stories cultivate cultural empathy among people of different perspectives and experiences, so together we can celebrate the diversity that makes us all beautifully and unequivocally human.

  • Most importantly, we refuse to shy away from our Asian American identity. The future of the Asian American movement is here — and it’s ours for the taking.

Here’s a peek into our origin story